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Tanque Verde and Houghton Roads, Nov. 1, 4:57 p.m.

Deputies cited a woman for disciplining her 6-year-old daughter by dropping her off at the side of a busy road and telling her to walk the remaining three blocks home, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

A man driving down the road stopped when he saw the girl, who he said was crying. He phoned authorities and then walked the girl home.

The report noted that the mother became "aggressive" when deputies questioned her about the incident. She reportedly said that dropping off her daughter on the side of the road was her form of discipline, and, as such, it was none of the deputies' business.

Deputies looked over the house, which appeared clean, and asked the girl a few questions. The report indicated that there were no signs of habitual abuse.

Deputies cited the mother on a misdemeanor health, welfare and morals charge. The incident was also reported to Child Protective Services.

Like Stepfather, Like Son

Vail, Nov. 1, 7:51 p.m.

A school bus driver said a boy and his stepfather mooned her after she let the boy off, a PCSD report said.

The driver said the 13-year-old was the last child to be let off at her final stop. After the teen stepped off the bus, she alleged, he pulled his pants down and flashed her.

She said the stepfather, who had been sitting in his car near the stop, exposed and slapped his own behind shortly thereafter.

The driver provided deputies with the stepfather's name and address. There was no further information at the time of the report.

Hot Feet

UA Area, Nov. 14, 5:12 p.m.

According to a report from the University of Arizona Police Department, an officer cited a motorcyclist for recklessness after he allowed his feet to drag on the road.

The officer alleged 25-year-old Michael Kramer lifted "his body off the motorcycle's seat" and swung "the lower portion of his body to the left side of the motorcycle." Although Kramer still had his hands on the handle bars, his feet were dragging on the street as he sped along at about 35 miles per hour, the report stated.

The officer told Kramer he was a danger to himself and others because he could have easily lost control of the motorcycle.

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