Police Dispatch

Rent's Due, Beyotch!

River Road and La Cholla Boulevard, July 9, 6:06 a.m.

A man accused his landlord of hitting him in the face with a shovel when the landlord came to collect rent, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The renter, David O'Reilly, said his landlord, Jay Fitzpatrick, was supposed to meet him at his home.

According to O'Reilly, he first noticed Fitzpatrick had arrived because Fitzpatrick was throwing rocks at his home to get his attention. He told deputies Fitzpatrick stormed up to his door as he was opening it and clobbered him in the face with a shovel that had been in the front yard.

A deputy also spoke to Fitzpatrick, who said he had been throwing pebbles at the house to get his renter's attention. However, he accused his tenant of punching him first, adding that he hit O'Reilly with the shovel in self-defense.

The deputy cited both men for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Marijuana Mail

Ina Road and Interstate 10, July 9, 8:13 p.m.

Authorities found marijuana in a piece of mail that had been marked "return to sender," a PCSD report said.

A man phoned deputies to say that he had gotten a suspicious package. The mail reportedly had his name on it, but the address appeared to be off by one digit. The man said he didn't have any recollection of sending such a package.

A deputy opened the mail and found a manila envelope wrapped in magazine pages and other papers. Inside the envelope, there was a green, leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana, along with orange peels and dryer sheets "to conceal the smell," the report said.

Happy 21st

UA Area, July 16, 12:09 a.m.

A man accused of keying a female friend's car told authorities he was not responsible and had awoken in an alley, a University of Arizona Police Department report said.

The woman said her friend was drunk and angry with her for misplacing his driver's license, which he needed to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Police were unable to reach the man when they called his cellular phone. About 5:50 a.m., he reportedly called them and said he had slept in an alleyway and didn't know where his car, keys or wallet were.

An officer, who was dispatched to interview the man in person, noted that he appeared intoxicated and had blood on his shirt.

The man reportedly left a message on his friend's phone later apologizing for how "he might have acted."

According to the report, there was not enough evidence to cite the man for the damage.

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