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Real-World Education

West Drexel and South Mission Roads, May 19, 11:04 a.m.

A man claimed all the students in his daughter's class raised their hands when he asked them if they thought their teacher was "a bitch," a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The teacher said she had refused to let the man's daughter go to the nurse, because the girl would not give her a reason.

According to the report, the girl's father knocked on the classroom door some time later. The teacher accused him of screaming that she was "an evil bitch" when she let him into the room.

The teacher confirmed that the man did pop the "bitch" question in front of her class, but didn't say whether any students had raised their hands. She added that she was scared of him, because he was about 6 feet tall, "with a large frame" and "prison tattoos all over his body."

The teacher said the man followed her when she ran into the hallway. Another instructor told authorities that she heard her colleague yelling for someone to call 911 as the girl's father "kept screaming 'bitch' at her."

When confronted by deputies, the father said that whatever the teacher told them about the events "was probably right." He added that his daughter had called him in tears because she was not allowed to use the restroom after she'd had an accident involving "a very personal female bodily function."

The father said he had spoken to the principal and was about to leave the campus when he walked by the teacher's room and got into the argument.

Deputies cited the man for one count each of making threats, disorderly conduct and disrupting an educational institution. The school principal banned him from setting foot on campus.

Mace To The Face

West Ina and North Thornydale Roads, May 19, 11:26 a.m.

Deputies responded to a motorist who said a male driver blocked in his vehicle and then attacked him with pepper spray, a PCSD report said.

The motorist said the other driver became belligerent after he passed his car. He told deputies that the man cut him off and prevented him from continuing on his way after he pulled onto a side street.

The motorist said the other driver, who he described as a muscular man with "rotting teeth," challenged him to a fight. When the motorist refused, he said, the man sprayed him in the face with pepper spray and left.

There were no witnesses or suspects at the time of the report.

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