Police Dispatch

Hammer Time

East Sunrise and North Craycroft, April 25, 3:23 p.m.

A motorist accused a man he had flipped off of repeatedly hitting his rear window with a hammer while at a stoplight, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

The motorist said he had pulled his Honda Accord off the road to let a white Toyota Camry that was tailgating him pass by. He added that he yelled at and flipped off the Camry's driver, later identified as 20-year-old Sean Schulte.

The Accord driver said he later pulled up alongside Schulte at a stoplight. He alleged Schulte got out of his car after making gestures and yelling, and then started pelting his rear window with a hammer.

The Accord driver said he sped off when the light turned green.

Deputies later contacted Schulte, who said the other driver was swerving and was the first one to get out of his car at the stoplight. Schulte told deputies he hit the Accord with the hammer because he thought the driver was going to attack him.

Schulte was cited and released for criminal damage and threats and intimidation.

The Plot Thickens

UA Area, May 3, 7:57 a.m.

A rambling e-mail sent to the alumni office spoke of a murder conspiracy, according to a University of Arizona Police Department report.

The man who reported the e-mail said it came from someone who was on their alumni mailing list and was sent to an address meant for general queries.

The e-mail reportedly mentioned "people from the U of A that are already dead" and threatened "to kill them if they don't stop harassing me."

It was not clear from the e-mail who the threats were directed at, the report said.

The man said he didn't feel personally threatened by the e-mail, but wanted to alert authorities.

A copy of the e-mail was placed into evidence. Police unsuccessfully attempted to contact the address owner.

Softening The Blow

West River Road and North La Cholla, April 25, 6:42 a.m.

A Bible that had been stolen from a car later wound up on the driver's seat in another vehicle that had been burglarized, a PCSD report stated.

A man phoned authorities to report that someone had stolen a fanny pack containing credit cards and money from his Nissan Maxima. He had also noticed that a Bible was left in his car, the report said.

Deputies made arrangements to return the Bible to its owner, whose name was listed inside the cover. She said the Bible and business-related items had been stolen recently from her car.

There were no witnesses or suspects for either burglary at the time of the report.