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Cooking With Fire

Wetmore and Flowing Wells Roads, Dec. 7, 9:54 a.m.

A landlord believed that an evicted tenant, who was angry that his belongings had been removed from his former residence, caused considerable damage to the property when he melted a microwave on a stovetop, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

The tenant reportedly left a phone message with his landlord, in which the former tenant confronted the landlord about removing his personal effects and furniture, after the allotted time for the tenant to remove his belongings had expired. Fearing for the safety of the property, the landlord said he decided to check on it. From outside, he said he noticed soot around the windows.

Upon entering, the landlord found that someone had placed a microwave on top of the stove and left the gas burners running, causing a fire to start. The entire residence was clouded with smoke, causing extensive damage, the report said.

Authorities dusted for fingerprints, noting that someone had forced a window to gain access to the home. There were no arrests at the time of the report.

A Vote Of No Confidence

UA Area, Dec. 17, 11:09 a.m.

According to a UA Police Department report, a student who was upset with his performance in his physics and calculus courses threatened to kill the dozen students who "threw off the grading curve," but a teaching assistant doubted he had the resolve to do so.

The student told a UA employee, whose exact job description was not given, that he was also going to kill the professor and burn his house down. He made the threats "with a smile on his face, but never stated he was joking," the employee added.

The professor said he'd never had any problems with the suspect. A teaching assistant familiar with the student said he was a "goof-off" and that carrying out the threats "required too much effort on his part."

Authorities contacted the suspect, who insisted he wasn't serious. Nevertheless, police told the professor to be aware of his surroundings at home and work.

Milky Surprise

Benson Highway and Wentworth Road, Dec. 10, 1:24 p.m.

School officials phoned deputies to report that a student had placed a laxative in a peer's milk at lunchtime, a PCSD report said.

The pink pill had not dissolved completely, witnesses at Old Vail Middle School, 13299 E. Colossal Cave Road, said. It was not clear if any of the milk had been ingested.

The student who placed the pill in the milk was reportedly coaxed into doing it by friends. Everyone involved was suspended for nine days, the report said.

The parents of the victim told officials they didn't want to press charges. A deputy drove to the suspended student's home to tell him he might not be so lucky next time. The boy said he'd make better decisions in the future, the report stated.

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