Police Dispatch

Lost Luggage

UA Area, Aug. 12, 2:01 p.m.

A pair of unattended suitcases prompted the evacuation of a building, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

Police evacuated the Marshall Building, 845 N. Park Ave., after the luggage was discovered near a first-floor entrance. A male graduate student walked up to an officer after the building was cleared, asking if all the fuss was over his suitcases.

"He didn't comprehend that leaving luggage unattended would raise suspicion," the officer wrote.

The man, who was on a one-day visit, said he didn't want to carry the suitcases as he walked through the building. Police inspected the luggage, finding only clothing and books.

Layaway Porn Plan

West Ina and North Thornydale Roads, Aug. 2, 8:28 a.m.

A group of women defrauded a man and his parents of nearly $45,000 after he responded to an ad seeking stars for adult videos, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

The man called a number he found in a Tucson Weekly advertisement and spoke to a woman who said he needed to send $1,100 for them to set up a shoot. The woman claimed the money he ended up wiring would be refunded along with his wages after it was over.

A day later, another woman called saying he had been "coded wrong" and needed to send an additional $7,000. She added that someone would pick him up later that day. The man sent the money, but no one came.

On the third day, yet another female told the man over the phone that everything had been set up, but that he'd never showed. She said he would have to wire an additional $8,000 for the shoot, which he did.

By the fourth day, the man claimed that the woman threatened him with further fines from the film company if he didn't send more money. He sent a final $8,000 before contacting his parents to see what they thought he should do.

The man's parents wired the woman $20,000 before he went on a three-week trip to France. When he returned, he found that the woman was calling his parents for money, prompting the entire family to get their phone numbers changed.

The man told authorities he could just "write off" the money, but that he didn't want the woman stealing from anyone else.

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