Police Dispatch

Stealing from the poor

East Benson Highway and South Country Club Road, April 1, 9:19 p.m.

According to a PCSD report, a man stole about $15 from a charity jar after Circle K employees refused to exchange their dollar bills for his coins.

Employees from Circle K, 3102 E. Benson Highway, told police that the man entered the store with about $4 in coins and asked if employees would give him dollar bills for his coins. The employees told the man that they could only make the exchange if the coins were rolled.

After hearing this, the man began to proposition customers to exchange their bills for his coins. No customers were willing to make the exchange.

When a Circle K employee left the counter to put items away in a cooler, the man reached over the counter and grabbed the charity jar.

Deputies looked at the store's surveillance tape, but didn't see anybody nearby who matched the man's description.

The man is about 50 years old and has sandy blonde and gray hair.

Fork Off

South Fuller Road and West Arnota Road, March 30, 4:10 p.m.

Deputies arrested a Tucson man for domestic violence after his brother and sister complained that he tried to stab them with a fork, a PCSD report stated.

Deputies spoke with the siblings and believe that Douglas Lee Centers Jr. got angry with his sister when she refused to give him a cigarette. He put her in a head lock and punched her until their brother came to her defense.

The brother threw Centers to the ground in an effort to break up the fight.

Centers got up, picked up a fork and allegedly tried to stab his brother before leaving the house.

Deputies saw Centers walking in the neighborhood and arrested him. He was taken to the University Medical Center before being taken to Pima County Jail on suspicion of domestic violence.

Elevator politics

University Area, April 7, 11:15 a.m.

A man wearing a beret accosted a UA student in an elevator after she told him she had no thoughts on the Iraq war, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

The student told police that she was in an elevator at the Main Gate building, 888 N. Euclid Ave., when the man approached her and asked for her opinions on the Iraq war.

When she said that she had no serious opinions on the matter, the man got closer and started yelling at her. The man followed her out of the elevator and continued yelling at her until she entered an office.

The woman left the office and called police when the man left.

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