Police Dispatch

Keeping It in the Family

East Drexel Road and South Leslie Avenue, Feb. 18, 5:40 p.m.

According to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report, deputies arrested a couple after they got into a fight in front of the woman's 3 year old.

When deputies arrived at the trailer park at the 5600 block of South Leslie Avenue, they heard yelling and the sound of glass breaking coming from one of the trailers.

Police entered the trailer and spoke with the male and female resident. After being identified by her Sam's Club membership card, Gloria G. Ramos admitted beating up her boyfriend, a man who is also her cousin, the report stated.

Her boyfriend, Richard V. Pedrego, confirmed the story and said he had hit her back after she began to throw household items at him and punch him in the face.

Deputies noticed facial injuries on both cousins and an odor of alcohol coming from Pedrego.

Deputies took photos of the injuries and the dinner that Pedrego allegedly threw on the kitchen floor.

Pedrego and Ramos were arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and contributing to the delinquency of a minor and taken to Pima County Jail.


West Los Reales Road and South Cardinal Avenue, Feb. 22, 1:58 p.m.

Deputies arrested a Tucson man for having drug paraphernalia after a witness complained of a man talking to himself and making animal noises, a PCSD report stated.

While speaking with Alonzo Cocio, 39, deputies noticed that Cocio seemed confused and was holding a can of beer.

Deputies searched Cocio and found a needle in his pocket, which Cocio said was for shooting Methadone.

According to the report, he was arrested on suspicion of possessing drug paraphernalia after deputies learned that he didn't have a prescription for Methadone, a drug used to help heroin addicts recover from their addiction.

Street Signs

University Area, March 1

According to a University of Arizona Police Department report, officers did not arrest three students after they were seen using a "stop when children in crosswalk" street sign as a coffee table.

Police spoke with the students at their house, near the 400 block of East First Street, after police saw a "service vehicles only" sign allegedly being displayed in their front window.

While speaking with them, they noticed that the "stop when children in crosswalk" sign was being used as the top of a coffee table.

One student said he found the signs in a wash. The other students denied stealing the sign.

Officers learned that the signs, which they originally thought belonged to the university, belonged to the City of Tucson's Street Department.

Employees from the street department said they didn't want to press charges.

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