Police Dispatch

Problem Children

West Ina Road and North Camino de Oeste, July 28, 10:52 p.m.

A Tucson woman alleged her neighbors' children were harassing her--by doing things like attaching maxi pads to her house, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

A deputy, responding to the call, first noticed the maxi pads. The woman told the deputy she was having a string of problems with the teenage boy and his older sister next door.

She alleged one or both of them were responsible for leaving feces around her mailbox, as well as spreading rumors that she's cruel to animals.

In addition, the woman accused the boy of pulling "the pigtail" off her vehicle while it was parked at her home.

The last straw came when the boy ran down the street as she was leaving for work earlier that day, hid and then threw a plastic paint cap at her car, she told the deputy.

The mother of the suspects, when contacted by deputies, reportedly said that had spoken to the woman only once--when she complained about blocking her driveway with their vehicles.

Beer for Barbecue

East Sixth Street and North Euclid Avenue, Aug. 8, 7:27 p.m.

According to a University of Arizona Police Department record, officers couldn't find two men suspected of threatening a man, who was barbecuing, over his food.

The cook alleged the two men scaled an apartment complex wall before one of them told him, "Hey, I got beer. Let me have food, or I'll smash your head in."

The men reportedly left when the cook called authorities on his cellular phone.

Tasteful Vandalism

West Cortaro Farms Road and North Camino de Oeste, Aug. 2, 3:33 p.m.

A PCSD report said that a woman is concerned because her home is the only one being targeted for repeated acts of vandalism--on one occasion, involving Mexican food.

The woman told a PCSD telephone operator her house was egged the previous night. On June 30, she said, a bag of feces was thrown at the door.

Approximately three weeks before that, she claimed to have heard "some people" at the door as she was watching television in the living room. She reportedly found the peephole was being covered when she went to check it.

Burritos were smashed on her front door and in the yard, she told the operator.

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