Police Dispatch

Taken for a Ride

East Snyder Road and North Harrison Road, July 11, 1:51 p.m.

A HandiCar driver grabbed his crotch while repeatedly telling his passenger--a multiple-stroke victim who he was driving home--that "he liked girls," a PCSD report stated.

The husband of the 53-year-old passenger told deputies that his wife told him she was the only passenger in the van when the driver started fondling himself. She told her husband that the driver didn't take off his clothes or touch her, but that she could still "see it through his pants," the record continued.

Deputies spoke to the woman, who said she was scared because she didn't know what he was going to do.

At one point, the driver allegedly pointed at his genitalia, declaring, "This is my thing."

The report also said he reached out his hand to the woman and "asked her if she wanted some." The woman told deputies she repeatedly said no.

The husband contacted a supervisor at HandiCar and filed a complaint. The passenger provided a description of the man to authorities, but chose not to press charges at the time of the report.

Gravel vs. Rock

East Sunrise Drive and North Swan Road, July 10, 10:10 p.m.

After fleeing a trio of boys in a Jeep who threw a piece of gravel at him, a teenager lobbed a palm-sized rock--hitting one of the boys and drawing blood--as they were walking away, according to a report from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities met the teenager and his mother at their home. The boy told a deputy he had parked at the Safeway at 4752 E. Sunrise Drive and was about 10 feet away from the entrance when he heard a vehicle approaching.

He turned around after somebody yelled something about a "fucking faggot," the report stated, and was struck by a "gravel-type" pebble just beneath his left arm.

The teenager said he ran toward Starbucks, but realized the suspects had pulled over their white Jeep Cherokee. He turned around, and, noticing the boys appeared to be approaching his vehicle, scooped up "a pretty big rock," the record said.

The teenager claimed he was about 10 feet behind the boys when he threw the rock. One suspect reportedly clutched at his head--just above the right ear--as blood spewed forth.

The boys, none of whom the teenager said he knew, hopped into their Jeep and drove away, the record said.

A deputy noted that the piece of gravel did not leave a mark; nonetheless, the boy said that the area hurt.

Authorities searched area hospitals for a high school kid in need of head stitches. Nobody was reportedly found.

The teenager suspected a former friend who stole money and associated with drug dealers was somehow involved, the record stated.

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