Police Dispatch

'Temperamintal' Personality

East Drexel Road and South Palo Verde Road, June 16, 9:38 p.m.

A convenience-store clerk phoned authorities after a fidgety woman blew up at her because she told the woman to leave the store, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

According to the report, the Circle K clerk at 5818 S. Palo Verde Road said she was keeping an eye on the woman because she was acting suspiciously.

This allegedly prompted the woman to ask the clerk, "What, bitch, do you have a problem?"

The clerk told deputies she instructed the woman to leave when the woman asked the question again. The woman reportedly ignored the clerk and brought a candy bar and soda up to the counter for purchase. The report said the employee confiscated the items and again told her to leave.

"You fucking bitch!" the woman allegedly exclaimed before she reportedly lobbed a tin of Altoids at the clerk, striking her in the face.

The employee moved behind the counter for cover as the woman picked up a display of roses and threw them, missing her, the report said.

The woman allegedly screamed and yelled before she grabbed a donation box for the poor and dumped its contents on the floor.

At this point, the report said, the employee told the woman she was calling the police. The woman said she didn't care and ran out of the store, stated the record.

The clerk said she was uninjured and provided a description of the woman to deputies.

Evil Knievel Strikes Again

University Area, June 25, 6:39 a.m.

Security guards discovered a university vehicle that looked like it had been used for performing bike tricks, according to a record from the University of Arizona Police Department.

The vehicle had tire marks and dents on its hood, as well as a shattered windshield, the record noted.

The report said the car was correctly parked about 3 feet away from a loading dock at the Kuiper Space Sciences Building, 1629 E. University Blvd. The UAPD officer noted that the dock is a known place for skateboard and bike tricks.

The record said it appeared as if a bicyclist rode off the dock onto the car, with the rear tire striking the hood and the front tire breaking the windshield.

There were no suspects at the time of the report.

Hit and Run

West Continental Road and South La Cañada Drive, June 22, 1:22 p.m.

According to a PCSD report, a Green Valley man had a strange run-in with a fellow customer as he finished up shopping at a grocery store.

The male customer at Safeway, 260 W. Continental Road, allegedly pushed a shopping cart into the man, murmured something and then got into a car with a handicapped license plate. As the customer was driving away, he reportedly gave the man the finger.

There were no suspects at the time of the report.

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