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Groupie Gone Bad

West River Road and North La Cañada Drive, May 27, 8:50 a.m.

A woman contacted deputies when she discovered her car had been vandalized in a number of creative ways, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

Responding to the call, a deputy first noticed vomit on the roof of the car before his attention was drawn to a liquid on the windshield. The woman reportedly said it was urine.

The vandal used a white-out pen to write things all over the vehicle, including a swastika, a satanic sign, "I hate you," "666," "slayer," "bitch," "cunt," "fuck you," "slut" and the incorrectly-spelled "niger hater," the report said.

The deputy also noted "keying scratch damage," pennies stuck to the door in a half-hearted attempt to form letters and a scratched-out plastic decal.

The report said the woman used to date someone from a band, and that a female acquaintance--now dating her band-member ex--may be responsible for vandalizing her car. She provided a description of the woman to deputies.

Three Doors Down

East River Road and North Craycroft Road, May 29, 9:27 a.m.

A Tucson man returned home to find that several doors to his apartment had been stolen, a PCSD report said.

The man said he was moving from Highlands Apartments, 5755 E. River Road, when he discovered the doors to his bedroom, bathroom and closet were gone.

The man hadn't been in his home since earlier in the week, but told deputies his ex-girlfriend let herself in to pick up some belongings. He and his ex were not on speaking terms, and she was the only one to have a key, the report stated.

A deputy telephoned the ex-girlfriend, who denied taking the doors when she collected her stuff. When the deputy asked if she noticed the missing doors, the report said the ex wasn't sure she looked at them.

She told the deputy she locked the apartment when she was done, and, since she was not speaking to her ex-boyfriend, left the key on the ground in front of the front door. The report said she asked a neighbor to watch the key and to let her ex know where it was when he got home.

The report didn't say what became of the key.

Time to Take the Trash Out

University Area, May 23, 12:38 a.m.

Police officers found a ransacked frat house after receiving reports of vandalism, according to a record from the University of Arizona Police Department.

Officers responded to the former Sigma Chi house, 1616 E. First St., where they found the building in an advanced state of disrepair after the UA revoked the fraternity's charter in April for hazing.

Rotten food and trash was smeared on the walls, the report said. The record also said people wrote all over the walls, backed up toilets with waste and smashed holes in the building's Sheetrock.

According to an officer, "There was so much garbage on two different stairwells to the basement that we were unable to get down there."

No one was found in the building, the report said. Authorities took pictures of some of the damage and informed city building inspectors of the former frat house's state.

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