Police Dispatch

A Tow-Truck Tantrum

East Drexel Road and South Rosemont Avenue, April 30, 3:45 p.m.

According to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report, a woman screamed obscenities and threw a pad of paper at a tow-truck employee after accusing the company of stealing her video game.

An employee from Gary's Towing, 5131 E. Drexel Road, told deputies that the woman came to the lot and accused employees of stealing a video game from her car after towing it.

When the employees denied stealing the game, the woman became angry and cursed at the employees. She picked up a pad of paper and threw it at an employee, striking him in the chest, the report stated.

The woman left her car impounded at the lot.

A Guide to Stealing Booze

North Swan Road and East Sunrise Drive, April 28, 2:43 p.m.

An employee from Wild Oats Market told deputies that an obese woman slapped him before she left the store with a stolen bottle of cognac, a PCSD report stated.

The woman reportedly walked into the store with another woman and a man. The women walked toward the liquor section, and the obese woman took a bottle of cognac before heading for the exit, the employee told Deputy Sean P. Gallagher.

When the employee confronted the obese woman and tried to take the bottle from her, she slapped him in the face and left with her companions in a pickup truck, the report stated.

One of the market managers told Gallagher that the same three people previously came into the store, stole items and acted verbally abusive. The manager believes that they usually split up after entering the store, steal items and then take off.

The obese woman and her two companions were all clad in black clothing when they stole the cognac, the manager told Gallagher.

On one occasion, the obese woman tried to slam a door on a market employee during a theft, the manager said.

Gallagher ran a background check on the truck and learned that it was registered to an electrical company in Mesa. Gallagher asked the manager to keep the surveillance tape until another deputy or detective could review the case.

The Perfect Dorm Decoration?

County Fairgrounds, April 28, 10 a.m.

Deputies don't know who stole a 35-foot Corona beer balloon from the Pima County Fairgrounds, a PCSD report stated.

An employee from Finley Distributors told a PCSD telephone operator that the inflated balloon donned a large Corona logo and was last seen near the center of the fairgrounds. The balloon is worth approximately $2,700 and is 8 feet wide.

The employee said he wanted to make a report for insurance purposes.

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