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A Watch-Dog Defense and a Cigarette-Burned Neighbor

West Rudasil Road and North Belbrook Drive, April 25, 6:44 p.m.

A Tucson woman--who may have been drunk--told deputies that her neighbor burned her face with a cigarette butt after she tried to sic her dogs on him, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The woman told deputies she got into an argument with her neighbor's child and his friends after one child was seen jumping on a trampoline with his shorts down and boxers exposed.

"You better put your clothes back on or I'll kick your little butts," she admittedly told the children.

The children reportedly went inside and one of the children's fathers came out and spoke with the woman through a shared fence.

The child's father told the woman to stop antagonizing the children; the woman told him to come over the fence and try to stop her.

When the man jumped over the fence, the woman tried to sic her German shepherd and Rottweiler on the man, but the dogs wouldn't attack. The child's father then burned the woman's cheek with a cigarette, she told police.

A neighbor heard the commotion and escorted the child's father off of the woman's property before Deputy C. McGrath arrived at the scene.

When McGrath spoke to the woman, he noted that he suspected she was drunk--and noticed she was holding an alcoholic drink in her hand. He wanted to speak with the man who allegedly burned her with a cigarette, but he had left before deputies arrived, reports stated.

Deputies photographed the cigarette butt and left, but were soon called back to the scene when the woman called and complained that the she was still having a problem with her neighbors.

"If the police aren't going to protect me, then I'm going to protect myself and I'm buying a gun," she reportedly told deputies after they arrived.

Deputies told the woman that detectives will investigate the incident and would be speaking with her soon. They suggested the woman leave the house until the situation cooled down, but told her not to drive anywhere or they would begin a driving under the influence of alcohol investigation, reports stated.

Gymnasium Voyeurism

West Ina Road and North Oracle Road, April 20, 11 a.m.

A health club manager told deputies that someone may have used a peephole to spy on women when they were in the bathroom and using the Jacuzzi, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The manager of Gold's Gym, 7315 N. Oracle Road, told PCSD telephone operator Luis Estrada that a female member of the gym reported hearing a noise coming from the ceiling of the women's locker room. When the manager investigated, he realized a ladder had been propped against the abutting wall of the locker room and some ceiling tiles had been moved, making it possible to see into the women's locker room and Jacuzzi area from above.

The manager also stated several holes had been drilled into the wall adjacent to the women's restroom. The manager said he believes the holes were drilled so someone could watch female gym members using the restroom.

The manager said he doesn't know who is responsible, but has already repaired the holes and ceiling tiles.

Hallucinating Hoodlums

University Area, May 5

According to a University of Arizona Police Department record, a UA employee turned over a potted cactus that was growing in her building when she learned that it was a peyote cactus.

The employee told Officer Pickrom someone left the plant on May 2 inside the College of Public Health, 2231 E. Speedway Blvd. A few days later, another employee told her it was a peyote plant.

Pickrom confiscated the plant, and another officer confirmed it was a peyote cactus.

Police have no suspects and no witnesses at this time.

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