Police Dispatch

The Library's Check Fraud Fiasco

University area, April 13, 3:24 p.m.

According to a University of Arizona Police Department report, a woman asked a UA library employee for help while she tried to print five sheets of personal checks.

The library employee told Officer F. Romero that the woman came to her at the front desk and said she was having problems printing some documents that she had saved to a floppy disk. After the employee took the disk and printed the documents on a different printer, she realized that the woman was apparently trying to print fraudulent checks.

The woman left before the employee could confront her about the checks, the employee told police.

Officer Romero searched the library but couldn't find the woman. He took the copies of the checks and a surveillance tape of the incident.

How to Lose a Job in 30 Days

South Country Club Road and East Drexel Road, April 1, 8 a.m.

A Tucson manager told police that he plans on firing an employee after a customer saw the employee selling equipment--apparently stolen from the workplace--at an intersection, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report stated.

The manager of Barricade and Light Rental, 4050 E. Columbia St., told a PCSD telephone operator that he thought the employee had been stealing equipment from the business for about a month, but his suspicions weren't confirmed until a customer recognized the employee while he was trying to sell $200 worth of batteries and strobe lights at the corner of South Country Club Road and East Drexel Road.

The manager said he will fire the employee indefinitely, but will not press charges if he returns the stolen equipment, along with some equipment the company lent him.

The man has worked at Barricade Light Rental for about 10 months.

Rise and Shine

North Swan Road and East Sunrise Drive, April 5, 7 a.m.

According to a PCSD report, a Tucson man didn't realize somebody blew up his mailbox until he walked outside to get the morning newspaper and saw pieces of the mailbox strewn across his yard.

He told Deputy C.L. Houck the box must have exploded sometime between when he woke up and when he went to bed the night before.

The back of the mailbox was detached and landed about 15 feet away from its base. The front and top portions of the mailbox were also blown off the base, but were lying nearby.

The man said that his mailbox is often vandalized, but this was the first time somebody blew it up. According to Houck's report, there are no suspects and no witnesses.

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