Police Dispatch

Please Leave Your Rants After the Beep

North Thornydale Road and West Cortaro Farms Road, March 8, 9:50 p.m.

According to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report, somebody called up a Tucson wife and left a telephone message claiming that her husband has a small penis and is cheating on her.

The caller didn't identify herself, but told the woman that she hopes her husband "gets a bigger dick because he sucks at having sex," the woman told PCSD communication operator Daniel Canico.

The woman said she didn't recognize the caller's voice but believes the caller might have been drunk, because her speech was slurred. She said the caller may be a friend of her husband's ex-wife or somebody that her husband used to work with.

Pot Plants in the Dorm

University Area, March 18, 10:45 a.m.

A dormitory maintenance employee and a custodian reportedly found a marijuana plant growing inside a student's room, a University of Arizona Police Department report stated.

The custodian told police that she was doing a routine cleaning of the student's bathroom when she saw the potted marijuana plant growing on the windowsill.

When Officer Lollar entered the room, he reported that he could smell marijuana and immediately noticed a wall filled mostly with marijuana photos. Officer Lollar also noticed that there was a bag of fertilizer on the floor and lamps above the plant.

After getting a search warrant, police found six smoking pipes, a bag of soil, a bottle of hard alcohol, a High Times magazine and instructions for indoor plant cultivation. Police took photos of the items before throwing out the alcohol and fertilizer and confiscating the other items.

The pipes and plant will be sent to the Department of Public Safety where they will be tested for drug residue.

The room's only resident wasn't home, so police left a copy of the search warrant on his desk.

The dorm supervisor told officers that the student lives in the room by himself because he "scared off three roommates because of drugs," the report stated.

Police plan to investigate the incident further.

Gas Money Mayhem

South Kino Parkway and East Draco Trail, March 7, 10:07 p.m.

A Tucson girl was arrested because she repeatedly hit a man after he refused to give her $10 and told her to go away, a PCSD report stated.

The man told Deputy Steven Marsh that he was at a friend's house when the 15-year-old girl walked into the house and began asking people for money. The girl began hitting the man after he told her to leave. The man told Deputy Marsh that he bear-hugged her until she calmed down and stopped trying to hit him.

Before leaving the house, the girl reportedly threatened to damage the man's car and said that her dad was going to come over and "kick his ass," the man told deputies.

Deputy Marsh went to the girl's house, where he spoke with the girl and her parents.

She told police that she became upset and hit the man because he made a sexually degrading comment toward her when she tried to ask him for gas money. She said the man grabbed her and choked her after she hit him.

Deputy Marsh arrested the girl on suspicion of assault before releasing her into the custody of her mother.

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