Police Dispatch

Spitting Defense

East Benson Highway and South Belvedere Avenue, Feb. 10, 7:55 p.m.

A Tucson woman told police that she was certain her ex-boyfriend was on heroin when he spit in her face and tried to take their children back to his home in Douglas, Pima County Sheriff's Department reports stated.

The mother told the responding officer, Joel Bealert, that she was at home with her children when her ex-boyfriend, the children's father, entered the house and tried to leave with their toddler and infant. The ex-boyfriend allegedly pushed the woman when she stood in front of the door and refused to let the man exit the house with her children. He spit on her face before leaving the house without his children, reports stated.

He called the woman the next day and apologized, she told deputies. The woman said that her ex-boyfriend's name is not on either child's birth certificate.

The woman has an order of protection against the man but has not served him the paperwork because she is afraid he will kidnap the children, according to the report. Deputies will refer the case over to the county attorney to determine if any charges will be pressed.

Bombs Away

University Area, Feb. 24, 10:45 p.m.

According to University of Arizona Police Department reports, a student was cited and released after he dropped a water-filled latex glove out of his eighth-story dorm-room window.

The glove dented the hood of a jeep that was parked directly under the student's room at the Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St. Several Coronado residents told Officer V. Garcia that they believed Zachary M. Ross, 18, and his friend were throwing water balloons from an eighth-floor window, reports stated.

Police told Ross' roommate to have Ross and his friend meet officers in the parking lot where the damaged jeep was parked. When Ross showed up, he admitted to throwing the water-filled latex glove and said he wasn't trying to cause any damages; he just wanted to get the girls inside the jeep wet, reports stated.

The owner of the jeep told police she didn't want to press charges but wanted Ross to pay to have the hood fixed. Police arrested and released Ross on suspicion of being a criminal nuisance. Reports state that the police plan on sending a copy of the report to the university's dean of students.

Drop Spot

East Ajo Way and South Palo Verde Road, Feb. 10, 11:10 p.m.

A Geronimo LTD Glass Company employee became suspicious when he saw an unknown man and several empty marijuana wrappers inside his company's Dumpster, PCSO reports stated.

The employee told Deputy Martyn A. Rosalik he noticed an odor of marijuana coming from the trash bin after the man hopped out of it and drove away. When the employee looked inside the bin, he saw several burlap sacks and plastic wrappers that contained marijuana shreds.

Deputies investigated the scene and found a ledger and shoulder harnesses, which deputies think were used to transport the bales of marijuana, reports stated. The ledger listed the weights of the sacks that were being transported.