Police Dispatch: Tripping the Lights Bombastic?

Green Valley

March 14, 8:42 p.m.

A meth-using man with an impressive slang vocabulary literally seized domestic power (sort of) by turning off his mother's electricity when she wouldn't obey him, a Pima County Sheriff's Department report said.

The mother called PCSD saying she'd locked her aggressive-acting son out of their house, but he was trying to break down the door to re-enter. Dispatch could hear a man yelling, "Fuck you, bitch!" in the background (which, it turned out, the son had been yelling not at his mother but at his 90-something-year-old grandmother).

When sheriff's deputies arrived, the son was back inside the house but now desperate to leave again and escape them. One officer handcuffed him in the garage just before he squeezed himself under the not-quite-closed garage door.

The mother told deputies that her son had been living with her and her own mother for a while but hadn't been contributing to the household. She said he'd started arguing with her that evening after he requested a ride to Walmart and she declined to drive him because she'd been drinking and "did not want to get a Driving Under the Influence or get in trouble." He reportedly became irate, cursing and rambling words not everyone would understand—for example, he threatened to "murk" her. When the reporting deputy told the woman he'd never heard the term "murk," she explained it was "street slang for murder."

He then went out to her car and started removing all its floor mats, declaring it was "because the floor mats make people go crazy and (they were making her) go crazy." He started accusing her of odd actions like "putting batteries in his root beer."

At one point, said the mother, he ran around the house and turned off all the lights, then went outside to the breakers and shut off the power to the whole building. The mother was pretty sure he was on drugs, and maybe drunk.

Upon questioning the son admitted to deputies that he'd turned off the house's electricity but insisted he was actually trying to fix the lights—saying he grew up poor and "if something does not work, you turn off all the power from the breakers and re-set them." He had no response when commanded to explain further, considering he'd just manually turned off all the lights before turning off the power.

Asked when he'd last used drugs, he said he'd habitually used methamphetamine in the past but hadn't used for "a long time." One deputy pointed out that "'a long time' was a relative term ... (that for one person) could be one day, and to someone else could be three years." The subject seemed conflicted about disclosing the exact amount of time that had elapsed since he'd used, at first repeating it'd been "a long time," then specifying "a few months" before again reverting to simply "a long time."

Deputies jailed the man on two counts of domestic violence/disorderly conduct.

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