Police Dispatch: Tablet Tug-o’-War

North Oracle Road

April 28, 7:55 p.m.

A phone-store customer and employee tussled like toddlers over a tablet, an Oro Valley Police Department report stated.

The customer called in the incident, claiming he'd been "attacked" by a northside Verizon store employee. He told an OVPD officer he'd entered the store seeking "assistance with his phone service" from a male worker at a counter, apparently ready to help clients—but simultaneously watching a basketball game on a nearby tablet with the volume turned up so high the customer couldn't clearly hear him speak.

When the customer asked him to turn down the volume, he reportedly reached over to comply but hardly changed it at all—so the reportee reached for it himself. This, he said, angered the employee and "a tugging match ensued" over the tablet.

Before angrily exiting the store, apparently the reportee felt completely justified in "flicking (the other man's) nose," as he described it to the officer.

Upon interview by the same officer, the employee related similar events with slightly different wording. He said after the customer had walked in complaining about the game's volume and then tried to grab the tablet—which was in fact the employee's own device, not part of a store display—the employee tried to grab it "to prevent (him) from touching his property."

"After they each pulled on the tablet for a short time," he said, the customer "grabbed at this face." He said he hadn't really been injured and declined evaluation by an ambulance.

A witness of the encounter verified that the customer had definitely "put his hand in (the employee's) face." But since the nose-flick victim didn't want to press charges, the customer was let go (after the officer explained to him that if either party had been "assaulted" it had been the employee, not the customer—rudeness being subjective but physical violence not so much).

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