Police Dispatch: Poop on the Stoop

Oro Valley

Mar. 21, 9:45 a.m.

It seems likely that both sides of a north-side neighbor feud were guilty of shitty deeds, an Oro Valley Police Department report said.

A man and his live-in female partner visited the OVPD headquarters in person to describe a longtime "neighbor problem" at their housing complex. The man said a guy from another unit was complaining about them walking their dog off leash, so the reportee tried to talk to him about the situation. But he was "met with conflict" instead of dialogue, followed by a threatening note the other man left on their door.

That was about a year ago, the reportee told a police officer, but hostility hadn't abated. Recently the couple had come home to find something much more disgusting than a note. On their doorstep, they said, someone (presumably the hostile neighbor) had left a bag chock-full of dog feces.

The reporting police officer called the housing complex's property manager, who assured him she was in the process of contacting their attorney "in order to take the appropriate action" to resolve things. Since the do-owning couple "wouldn't answer any of the (officer's) questions" about their dog-walking habits, such as whether they were letting their dog run around off leash (and not picking up its poop), they had to content themselves with waiting for the legal process to play out in civil court.