Police Dispatch: An Unharshable Mellow

West Magee Road

April 30, 1:45 p.m.

Some Oro Valley stoners were just high enough to, like, totally not care when a cop nailed them for having a vehicle full of marijuana and paraphernalia, according to an OVPD report.

A patrolling officer saw a gold Toyota illegally change lanes and "found this interesting" enough to follow the car, pulling it over after witnessing further erratic driving.

Confronted by the officer, the driver rolled down his window and greeted him with, "What's up?" He said, "Yeah," sure, he'd answer questions.

He then casually affirmed there were illegal items in the car, including "some paraphernalia, like a bong." The driver's equally untroubled friend, in the passenger seat, said he had some weed and paraphernalia, immediately handing over his "vape."

Searching the vehicle, the officer found a few more paraphernalia items, which he confiscated. Both subjects complacently signed drug- and paraphernalia-possession citations before they were allowed to go on their way (perhaps home to a much larger stash).

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