Police Dispatch

Beat on the Door With a Baseball Bat

Foothills Area

June 27, 5:15 a.m.

A north-side apartment dweller buddied up with an odd-seeming neighbor only to become the victim of regular beatings (on her door), a PCSD report stated.

The reportee said she'd befriended the woman from the adjacent apartment—whose real name her neighbor wouldn't give because "someone was after her"—but they'd eventually become estranged, since this woman displayed odd behavior and apparently owned a gun.

Now, the reportee said, this neighbor had begun banging regularly on the reportee's front door (plus the wall between their two apartments) loudly enough to disturb her peace very much; apparently the neighbor was using more than her fists. The reportee said when she'd called deputies previously, the neighbor retaliated by accusing her of wrongdoing.

Last night, she affirmed, the banging on her door had been deafening—as if someone were using a baseball bat. She was sure it was her neighbor, and she was "tired of it."

Unfortunately she hadn't actually caught anyone banging, so deputies couldn't arrest the neighbor. They suggested the reportee get an injunction.

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