Playing Nice

Looking over the proof pages of this week's newspaper, there's definitely a holiday-tinged thread running through many of the pages.

Call it the softer side of the Tucson Weekly.

Part of this thread was by design. Following what should be the true spirit of the holiday season, our cover package this week honors eight people who are true local heroes. Some of them you've probably heard of; the rest, you haven't. In all cases, they're people worth knowing about.

But another part of the thread just kind of happened. Two of our four Currents stories chronicle the problems on the other side of the border--illustrating how lucky most of us have it in these United States. Our Music package honors the year's best albums. And one of our Arts stories talks about how an innovative local music program is helping children learn valuable lessons.

All are great stories worth checking out.

And for those of you who like the harder-hitting stuff, never fear; The Weekly hasn't gone permanently soft. We'll be back to our grouchier selves next week, I am sure.

But in the interim ... happy holidays, everyone.

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