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Our sister newspaper in Las Vegas, CityLife, has a December tradition of kicking deserving people and entities out of town. Then, the next week, they come back and redeem themselves and their karma by honoring the city's local heroes.

It's a fine tradition, and we decided to do the same thing this year. After all, as regular readers of The Weekly know, Tucson is teeming with both villains and heroes.

This week, check out the unlucky 21 who are getting the boot. (A word to the wise: Don't expect anyone we're kicking out to actually leave. They never do, the bastards.) And next week, we'll give props to some unheralded Tucson heroes.

In other news, you may have noticed that a page of last week's cover story, "Arrested Development," was missing, and that in its place was a duplication of our Savage Love page. This was really embarrassing, and we apologize; it was due to an error at our printer, which also happens to be in Las Vegas. We're reprinting the story in its entirety this week.


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