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Sonic Valentine

While sweethearts around the country are exchanging Valentine's Day gifts next Thursday, thousands of meditators, peace activists and sound healers around the globe will be giving the Earth a special valentine in the form of sound.

The sixth annual World Sound Healing Day, created by sound healer and author Jonathan Goldman, is designed to create peace and harmony on Earth. This is to be accomplished by projecting the sound (or tone) "ah" for at least five minutes at noon Eastern Standard Time, with the intention of peace and love.

Goldman believes that sound, coupled with intention, has the ability to heal and transform. "The 'ah' sound is a universal, nondenominational heart sound that when projected with focused energy is extremely powerful and effective. ... The power of prayer has been proven in various studies," he says in a press release. "The Global Consciousness Project out of Princeton, N.J., has measured the effects of global meditations and found a correlation between peaceful activities on the Earth and these meditations. We've added sound to this in order to enhance the effects of global meditation,"

At noon EST on Thursday, Feb. 14, Goldman is going to launch a Web site where people can hear themselves tone with others all over the planet. He believes that people can use the Internet as a way of connecting to create powerful transformational energy.

Besides the events at noon EST, group activities are scheduled throughout the day in various locations around the world. In Tucson, the sixth annual World Sound Healing Day will be celebrated from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 14, at the Tucson Creative Living Center, 4850 W. Jojoba Drive. Certified sound healer Darrell Hicks will lead a sound circle. Tickets are $15. To RSVP, call 971-3255. Visit Hicks' Web site for more information.

"We're sending a sonic valentine to the Earth. ... We have the power to create harmony or discord with the sound of the human voice," says Hicks.

During his sound circle, Hicks will guide participants through breathing exercises, singing, chanting and the toning of "ah." He notes there is a distinct difference between singing and toning.

"Singing is more vocal. Toning is more vibrational. Toning is making a sound with the intention of feeling that sound in your body. It's connecting with whatever you are feeling in your body through that sound."

Prior to becoming a certified sound healer, Hicks was a psychotherapist for 15 years in Houston and was a licensed minister. He has experience working with patients on grief, sadness and depression through talk therapy.

Five years ago, he designed a sound-resonance healing platform--a wood platform, 9 feet by 6 feet, upon which a person lies that is designed to transmit healing frequencies into the body. There are eight transducers under the platform. Hicks says transducers emit healing radio frequencies that science has proven to bring healing to the body, mind and heart.

"Whatever I play through it in the form of (specially produced) CDs gets transmitted through the transducers to the physical body. ... 52 hertz can heal low back pain and menstrual pain. In vibro-acoustic sound healing, the most effective frequencies range from 40 to 85 hertz."

Hicks says he has seen his patients make remarkable changes. "It helps people to heal. They are much more alive, feel circulation in their body and feel lighter. They let go of tons of stress."

One satisfied recipient of Hicks' work, he says, is Dr. Andrew Weil. He "came over the other afternoon. He loves it. He was snoring on the table."

Hicks agrees with Edgar Cayce, who predicted that sound healing would be the medicine of the future.

"This isn't woo-woo. It's spiritual science, which is the coming together of spirituality and scientific fact. The science piece of this is that everything in the world is in vibration. ... Jonathan Goldman says, 'Frequency (which is sound) plus intention equals healing.' This is a true spiritual science formula.

"Sound healing works on a quantum level--a very fine energy level. As one learns to connect on that level, healing can happen."

At his sound healing circle on World Sound Healing Day, Hicks will "lead the group into a heart meditation so we come into a place of peace and love in our hearts. ... As we hold consciousness together, we believe we can make a shift. ... Sending healing energy out to the world can bring people into a higher state of consciousness. When working with sound, it takes you into a different space where you see how we are more connected rather than not."

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