Petalfast accelerates the sale and distribution of cannabis brands in AZ

Petalfast accelerates the sale and distribution of cannabis brands in AZ
CEO of Petalfast, Jason Vegotsky expands Petalfast into Arizona, marketing cannabis brands to dispensaries throughout the state including Tucson and Phoenix.

Cannabis brands immersed in the Petalfast platform now have a new way to expand their products into the Tucson dispensary market.

Petalfast is the first-of-its-kind route-through-market platform for the thriving cannabis market in Arizona.

“Petalfast is a selling organization with field marketing,” Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky explained. “Most of Arizona is vertically integrated and there’s very few specialists. We specialize in selling to integrated markets.”

Petalfast helps cannabis brands thrive via its go-to-market accelerator program in California and  its full spectrum of agency services available to brands nationally. 

Vegotsky said Petalfast will have a seven-person full-time team built in Arizona and 25 to 50 part-time brand ambassadors, all focused on selling brands into stores and selling them out of stores with trade marketing activity. 

“Our partner is already licensed here, Consensus Holdings,” Vegotsky said. “And we will be taking their brands and looking for other brands to bring into our portfolio.”

Petalfast helps the cannabis brands expand their marketing and products into dispensaries, such as setting up demos, budtender training, brand displays and getting products on the shelf.

Petalfast, through its incubator program Pilot by Petalfast, also provides new and recently launched brands with direct access to leading retailers and opportunities to gain first-hand market analysis while also offering select retailers the opportunity to see future brands before they formally hit the market.

“Consensus Holding (home to Feel Sublime) is who our distributor is in Arizona,” Vegotsky said. “And we will represent their brands as well.”

Petalfast will be available to all the dispensaries in Tucson and across Arizona. 

“We help the brands expand their marketing into the dispensaries,” he said. “We like to say we service brands better than everybody else.”

Jason Vegotsky, chief executive officer of Petalfast, has an extensive background in sales and business development. He leads Petalfast with a team of professionals in sales, marketing and brand management on a mission to revolutionize the go-to-market for cannabis brands.

“We are here and actively hiring our team,” Vegotsky said. 

Prior to Petalfast, Vegotsky was the co-founder of Summit Innovations, Inc. and the driver of the company’s business development. Here, he expanded the business to over 600+ customers and 25 employees in its first year of operations. The company eventually sold to Kush Co Holdings where he was president and instrumental in the company’s growth.

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