Pet Tattoo Winner Announced!

Tyler Crawford and his tattoo of Luna are going places.

A man and his dog.
A man and his dog.
Luna, Tyler’s muse and fur-baby.

We're happy to announce the first-place winner of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Tucson Weekly's "Tatts for Tails" contest is Tyler Crawford! Tyler has a fantastic (and lifelike) tattoo of his adopted pup Luna on his leg. With a massive 1,279 votes, Crawford helped raise $1,279 dollars for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

When he entered the contest, Crawford said his tattoo is of his dog Luna, which he adopted from the Humane Society in 2012.

"She is sweet girl who loves to eat, chase lizards and cuddle her brother Bane," Crawford said. "When we first saw her she was sitting in a loud room of barking dogs yet she was sitting quietly. She was leaned against the wall looking sad and she seemed interested in us so I wanted to meet her. When she first came out she tackled me and kissed me instantly. From then on I knew she was coming home. Little did we know, that sad face... yeah she always looks grumpy unless she's hot, haha. She is a special girl to me and she will always have a place in my heart and on my calf."

Crawford's tattoo was done by Kevin at Trinity Art Collective.

The contest was a massive success, raising $5,046 for the Humane Society, which exceeded the original goal of $5,000.

Congratulations Tyler and Luna, and enjoy your two JetBlue Airlines round-trip tickets to any domestic location, along with a $100 Target gift card, a $100 Buffalo Exchange gift card and a Road Tripper 400-liter REI duffel bag.

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