People Who Died: David Bowie by Kate Becker

David Bowie

David Bowie was borderless and exciting—a gender fluid, theatrical bard from another planet, who expressed himself through soaring melodies, costume and funky, robotic beats. He was much needed medicine for our Generation X! I was coming of age in the late '80s, in a world that seemed to be moving further and further away from its roots and was becoming increasingly superficial, cold and heartless. Madonna, Michael Jackson and Boy George fueled our drug-induced illusions of finding freedom through vanity and sex—while our souls were screaming. The music of Bowie oddly enough felt like a breath of sanity and gave a different interpretation of our time to those of us who felt trapped in the plastic dream towards the end of a century gone wrong. From 1968's "Karma Man" to the heart wrenchingly beautiful ballad "Life on Mars," to his role as a vampire in The Hunger and all the way to his final mind-blowing work Black Star, David Bowie did things his way. He never stopped experimenting, stretching and shape-shifting. I bow to you Mr. Bowie, you were our generation's prophet from outer space that helped us dare to explore life beyond boundaries. Your graceful departure and the gifts you left us will never cease to inspire!

— Kate Becker

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