People Who Died: David Bowie by Amelia Poe

Davie Bowie

If I could bathe in your voice, I would

You were meant to be heard

Drenched in stardust

Like The Magician 

Transforming life into gold

I am haunted by your magnitude 

Not one of us, but of another space and


Not of this time, but of all times

You are not quite human

Are you a ghost?

An apparition?

Slipping though my fingers

Like sand on a beach

I can't quite hold you

Your light blinds my eyes

Burning deep somewhere within

Where dreams lie

Inside a tin machine

You were born to shine

To capture destiny

You made it ok to be strange

A mad scientist of sound and sight

The Fool that knows no bounds

That disappears into the light

Rest well Star Man

— Amelia Poe

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