People Who Died: Alvaro 'Acho' Durazo by Mark Beef

Alvaro "Acho" Durazo

In a year where there has been no dearth of death, and one in which my own father escaped his earthly bonds, the one that stands out most for me in fallen comrades of the symphonious sector was that of Alvaro "Acho" Durazo.  He was a citizen of Ambos Nogales (meaning on both sides of the border), a larger-than-life character who knew how to wring the best from every moment, a musician who could not be defined by his many varied bands, one of which was Thee Eyes, a very Doors inspired garage band as well as other bands that also contributed people like Isaac Reyes (Lenguas Largas, Shark Pants, Swing Ding Amigos), Levi Reyes (Lenguas Largas, The Cuntifiers, Swing Ding Amigos), and Jimmy Teyechea (Freezing Hands, Swing Ding Amigos) to the musical pantheon that is local to us, which also goes toward his greatest quality, that of being an inspiration, mentor, and tool for kids in a town that didn't offer much else. Ask Sergio Mendoza, John Villa, James Peters about him. He had a jam room stocked with everything you could need to make a joyful noise till the reappearance of the sun, which he did often enough. I and the night shall miss him. He died at home in Nogales on March 21. He was 53.

— Mark Beef

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