Pants-Off Paradise

Lose Your Clothes, the Underwear Party, Saturday, August 3

On a Saturday night while walking around downtown, you may have noticed blowup dolls holding signs advertising the Second Annual Underwear Party hosted by Joe Pagac.

Last year, more than 900 people attended the underwear party that Jared McKinley (or least his alter-ego Kitty Katt) started. McKinley brought Joe Pagac on as a partner to help out with this year's Underwear Party, however McKinley got really busy working on some new projects, including the magazine Edible Baja Arizona, and handed the reins over to Pagac completely.

The second annual Underwear Party will be at Hotel Congress starting at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 3. There is a $5 cover charge and it is a 21 and older event.

"Last year we had people in their 70s show up in their underwear. It is an all sizes event; it is not just people who are traditionally sexy. Anyone who wants to come down and show it off is more than welcome to. We are trying to make a very welcoming event," Pagac said.

Throughout the night there will be a lot of entertainment. The band Treasure Mammal will be performing as well as eight DJs rotating all night, Andy DePew of Satyr Entertainment, the Solid Gold DJs, DJ Sid the Kid and others will be spinning on both indoor and outdoor dance floors.

Pagac says there will be a photo booth that is a huge half-bedroom done up like a 1980s girl's room. Inside it will be New Kids on the Block posters, a whole bunch of pillows and feathers so you can have pillow fights while taking your photos. But that is not all: There will also be a giant human terrarium for people to lounge in. It will be filled up with white blankets, white pillows and changing LCD lights.

People are encouraged to dress up in costumes, underwear or however they most feel comfortable.

If you are not ready to drive on down in just your underwear, Pagac says there are options. "We're offering a free clothing check for people." This will allow everyone a chance to strip down to just their underwear at Hotel Congress and then change back into clothes before they leave.

If everything goes well, Pagac will continue this party hopefully becoming a tradition for years to come.

"I love having things that get people out of their normal weekly routine and just having that little bit of spectacle and keeping that party scene alive. I think there is less and less of that. Everything is so standard now that it is really nice to have those crazy evenings where you talk about it for the rest of the year."

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