Pansy Division: That's So Gay (Alternative Tentacles)

If California's Prop 8 bummed you out, it might make you feel better to know that Golden State natives Pansy Division do away with the notion of gay marriage on their latest album. On "Life Lovers," Jon Ginoli sings, "No box to check on the census form / Unless they've got one that says 'Don't conform' / Won't live a lie, won't need permission / We'll invent a brand new tradition."

On "Twinkie Twinkie Little Star," which celebrates the virtues of a sexy twink hitting the scene, Pansy Division shows that little has changed since 2003's Total Entertainment! They're still focused on a camp portrayal of the gay life. That's what we love about Pansy Division—they never attempt to dress up their faggotry so it looks wholesome. "I'm getting grayer / But feeling gayer," Ginoli sings on "20 Years of Cock."

If you're tempted to write off Pansy Divison as a gimmick, it's your loss. TSG is filled with irresistible pop-punk, from "It's Just a Job" to the anthemic "Some of My Best Friends," directed at intolerant breeders. The band's not about innovation; they're about taking the iconic sound of classic pop-punk and repackaging it with gay content. The joke is obvious but doesn't ever get old, because underneath the cartoonish simplicity, the music is actually, well, fun as hell.

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