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Considering the Tucson Weekly's status as a widely read, well-respected newsweekly (Confidential to those who snickered upon reading that: Bite me!), it's no surprise that we here at Weekly World Central get a LOT of requests to expand.

A week or two ago, someone e-mailed with a fine suggestion: We should add a regular bicycling page. I agree: Such a page would be worthy addition to the Weekly.

However, so would an outdoors page. I've long pondered a tech page, with video-game and Web reviews. An environmental page would be nice, as would a comic-books page, or a business page, or a LGBT-themed page.

Then there are the columns. Oh, everyone wants to be a columnist. People pitch astrology columns and sex-advice columns (even though we already have those) and fashion columns and parenting columns and seniors' columns and on and on and on.

But then there's our reality.

Over the last four years or so, the Weekly has added approximately a dozen or so new features (without cutting very much), from Police Dispatch to The Range to Live to the Pick of the Week to Media Watch. As a result, we now have one of the most robust, diverse newsweeklies in the country, outside of the huge metropolitan areas.

Therefore, it will be a while before we're able to add that outdoors page, or that fashion column. It will be a matter of months, at the very least, until we launch that tech page I so want to add. Within the next few months, we plan on adding one new feature--a semi-regular bars/clubs column that will launch sometime this summer--and that's it.

But, hey, keep those ideas and pitches coming; who knows what the future holds? But please be understanding if and when I have to say "no."

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