Over the Hill

A few random thoughts percolating in my head ...

· This is the last issue of the first half of this year, which means we're closer to the next holiday season than the last. It also means elections are coming up rather quickly. Are we having fun yet?

· If you don't have medical insurance, use the help that's available out there to get some. That's the biggest lesson to be learned from this week's important cover story, by Dave Devine. The number of folks who are without medical insurance is on the rise--heck, many members of the Weekly family, including part-timers and free-lancers, are part of that number. This ever-rising number is disturbing. What's even more disturbing, at least to me, is the fact that the programs out there designed to help the uninsured often go unused. Considering the current batch of elected officials, it seems like the day the country finally offers universal medical insurance is a long way off. As rich as this country collectively is, that's pathetic.

· If you sent an e-mail to someone in Weekly land and never got a reply, please re-send, or call us to find out what's up. Our spam filter--or our Internet service provider, or angry mutant gremlins, or something--is eating the occasional incoming e-mail. Our apologies, and we hope to have this problem fixed soon. "Hope" is the key word here.

· Finally, forgive the randomness of this one, but please heed my words: If you're a man, or a hairy woman, and someone suggests that you wax a portion of your torso--don't. It's not worth the trouble, really. That's all I'm sayin'.

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