Our Resolutions

Some of the Tucson Weekly's 2008 New Year's resolutions:

· We resolve to enhance our online presence. Look for the launch of TAMMIES.com, our brand-new music Web site, within days or weeks. We're also planning a complete redesign of our main Web site; we should launch the new TucsonWeekly.com before the end of the year. Also, look for all-new online-only content--and we resolve to do all this without diminishing the print version.

· We resolve to continue covering the mainstream media, and to continue calling the public's attention to their occasional bullshit. Take, for example, Tucson Citizen publisher Michael Chihak's Dec. 29 column, in which he started off by mentioning how much the Citizen has been aimed at "making product improvements (and) sharpening our focus in a recognition that we weren't the sole source of information for people and bringing to you those things that we know we can do better than others." However, all this was just a load of crap to set up the real news: the fact that the Citizen was reducing its page count, dumping daily prime-time TV listings and letting go of longtime columnists Jeff Smith and Corky Simpson.

See? Bullshit!

· We resolve to start planning for one hell of a celebration: In late February/early March of 2009, the Weekly will turn 25, and we're going to mark this anniversary in a way our readers will remember well beyond the Weekly's 50th anniversary.

· We resolve, as always, to continue tweaking and adjusting the Weekly to make it better than ever.

Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic 2008!

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