Onward and Upward

I am writing this on Tuesday afternoon. The election is still underway, and while I have high hopes for how things will turn out, I am paranoid, because I spent a good chunk of last night watching Hacking Democracy on HBO (Please, see this movie!) and because I just saw on the Republican National Committee Web site a whole treatise on how exit polls--which were remarkably accurate up until six years ago--should not be believed, because they're "biased and inaccurate."


Anyway, the election is over (at least I hope it is), and I am happy about that, because it means we now have more precious news space to cover other things. (For the record, Jim Nintzel says he'll miss this election. He may very well need psychiatric help.) And in that spirit, we present this week's cover story, by Saxon Burns, on the case of almost 200 dogs that were taken from Tucson Greyhound Park, only to practically vanish. It's a sad and important story. There are also important stories on more strange goings-on at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, problems on River Road, and financial follies at the Tucson Unified School District.

For those of you who, like Jim, can't get enough election coverage, you have our election recap and The Skinny.

In any case, stay tuned for some intriguing, hard-hitting coverage--as always--in our Currents section in the coming weeks and months. I just hope--sitting here before polls close--that there's no election fraud that needs coverage.

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