Online Assistance

As I mentioned last week in this here space, we just launched a brand-new Web site, and we're pretty darned happy about it.

However, in order to make the site truly amazing, we could use your help, in the following areas:

• Restaurant reviews. The new allows people to rate and comment on the area's restaurants (kind of like that inferior Yelp site does), and since we're starting from scratch in terms of reader reviews, we'd love it if you stopped by the site and offered your well-informed opinions.

If restaurants aren't your bag, never fear: You can comment on any location that's in our database—theaters, bars, attractions, anywhere a listed event has taken place. If we're missing a location that you're dying to pontificate on, drop us a line.

• Bear with us as we iron out the glitches. Not only is the Web site our online representation of the Tucson Weekly and all of its offerings; it's also our editorial/listings data-management system. The biggest problems we've had (knock on wood) have involved data that didn't import properly from the old site. That means some outdated listings and data have snuck by, both online and in our print exports—and we've also had some relevant data mysteriously disappear. Thanks to the hard work of the wonderful folks at DesertNet, these glitches have been fixed almost as soon as we've found them—but that does not mean we've found all of them yet. And that leads me to say ...

• If you see a glitch, notice something is missing, or discover something that shouldn't be there, let us know. Thanks to the readers who have already done so!

Jimmy Boegle, editor