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Despite decades of touring, Pinback’s Rob Crow is still ready for another round

It's not exactly the most relatable issue when musicians complain about touring. Sure, some tours are better than others and it's hard to be away from home and family, but there's really no denying that being a professional musician is the kind of job people would sell their souls to the devil for just to get a crack at it.

Despite the fact that Rob Crow has been making music for over two decades with Armistead Burwell Smith IV as Pinback and both men are fathers now, Crow lists his simple reasons for continuing to hit the road.

"It's fun. That's why we're in a band: to play shows and make records," Crow says.

It's no surprise, then, that the band has been touring pretty consistently in recent years, though they haven't released a record since 2012's "Information Retrieved." Seeing as how Pinback albums have been released in increasingly large intervals since their first album in 1999, the bad news for fans of the San Diego band is that they all might have to wait a few more years to get some more of Pinback's chilly indie math rock jams. After all, Crow says they're only "kinda sorta maybe" working on a new album as of right now.

While he says songwriting hasn't changed much for him since the last Pinback album was made, Crow has seen the way everyone makes music change vastly since the band formed.

"When we first started we were one of the first bands to try to record on a computer and we just had a crappy Macintosh," he says. "It's as much as you could possibly change."

He goes on to explain that even the way people consume music has changed, noting mp3s weren't even around when Pinback started. It's definitely not that all change is bad, though. Crow sees the ability to self-record as freeing.

"It's more purely the output of those two people. Any mistakes are our fault and any of the good things that come out of it are our fault too," Crow says.

Longtime fans of the band can expect a smattering of Pinback songs from all eras when the band play live at Flycatcher at 8 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 13.

"Usually we just play what we like and usually people like that," he says. "There's going to be all sorts of stuff."

Pinback will be joined by comedian David Huntsberger (of the Professor Blastoff podcast) for the 21 and over event. For tickets ($20) and more information, visit www.theflycatchertucson.com.

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