Oil Rich

Our favorite cannabis extracts of summer 2019

Drip Mimosa Cannabis Extract Pod for PAX Era

We have sung the praises of Drip's PAX Era pods in these pages, and the Tangie pod (sativa strain) does not disappoint. The PAX Era is a high-tech device that transcends your average vape pen in the same way that a smart phone transcends the old Ma Bell models. The ultra-slim battery charges with the usual mini-USB cord, but that's where the similarities end. It includes a Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to set temperatures and even track your smoke sessions so you can know exactly how much you got from that fine draw you enjoyed so much. The cannabis, crafted by TruMed's Drip brand, comes in the pod loaded with single-source, lab-tested, triple-refined extract that is smooth, flavorful and most definitely elevating. We found the mimosa flavor to be the champagne of extracts, with a pleasant and mildly orange aftertaste that gave us the relief we were looking for.

Sublime 4.20 Bar Minis (Dark Chocolate + Hazelnut)

Sublime is surely one of the finest cannabis kitchens in Arizona. Whether you're looking for a freshly baked lemon tea cake or chocolates, the watchword with Sublime is always quality. It's no different with the delicious dark chocolate and hazelnut mini bars. Each bag contains 10 pieces, each containing a 10mg dose of cannabis. These chocolates are so well crafted with premium distillate that you'd never know you were consuming cannabis—at least until the relaxing headrush hits. (But remember: It's not cool to dose someone without their knowledge and consent, so don't go sneaking these confections to unsuspecting party guests.) This is top-notch medication.

Mr. Moxey's Cinnamon Mints

Sure, a 100mg brownie can be great if you don't plan on doing much for the rest of the day—and if you have a tremendous tolerance for edibles. (After all, you don't want to end up curled up on a couch like New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who wrote about her experience when she got over-stoned during a trip to Denver.) But if you're just an occasional user or you want to function somewhat normally while still elevated, the best approach is a micro-dose. That's where Mr. Moxey comes in. These 5mg cinnamon mints are tasty with no trace of cannabis flavor and will lift you up without fogging your head. And if you don't get to where you want to be, just have another!

Amy & Al's 100mg Brownie

Amy and Al's brownie is pretty basic. There's no fancy frosting or peanut-butter layer or other efforts to gild the lily. Instead, you get a sweet chocolate flavor and solid elevation that will ease any pain or discomfort you might be feeling. On top of that, it retails at the shops we visit for $10, which makes it one of the most affordable edibles out there. You should know your own dose, but we find that 20 to 25 mg is more than enough to lift us to where we need to be, so we typically get four to five doses from a single package.

Love, Carissa 50mg THC Capsules

Love, Carissa crafts some of the best candies and other edibles in the state. (If you haven’t tried their honey yet, you are missing out!) But if you don’t want to indulge your sweet tooth, the company also makes THC capsules that won’t increase your blood-sugar levels (at least until the munchies hit and you’re looking around for that Snickers bar you know you left somewhere in your kitchen). At 50mg each, these tiny pills—in Love, Carissa’s trademark heart-shaped packaging—pack a major punch. In fact, they come with an “Extemely Potent” warning, which you should respect, as they will do a number on you if you’re not ready for that much medicine.

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center 15mg THC Gel Caps

If you’re nervous about Love, Carissa’s 50mg capsules, you can turn to a lower dose with Desert Bloom’s 15mg gel caps. Desert Bloom’s dedication to finding new ways for people to dose has extended to these tiny balls that are ideal for patients who are struggling with nausea, as they are simply pills. Because they come in lower doses, they are ideal for patients who don’t have a high tolerance for cannabis but can use the relief it brings.

Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center lotions and lip balm

Desert Bloom is one of Tucson's most innovative dispensaries, with a long line of house brands that range from tinctures to candies to lotions and lip balms. (We haven't gotten up the courage to try the suppository just yet.) We are particularly fond of the ylang-ylang massage butter, which has been part of one of the most relaxing massages we've ever experienced, and the mint lip balm, which has eased our chapped lips as well as any tube of chapstick we've ever come across. Don't go expecting to experience a head high with these products—that's not how it works. But the healing power of cannabis will ease muscle tension and leave you feeling refreshed.