Oh Bother!

These three things are annoying me this week:

• Drivers who turn when they don't have the right of way. I can't tell you how many times as of late I've been in a left-turn lane on a major street and watched some yahoo from the other street zoom out and make a left turn in front of me. Anybody who does this is an impatient nitwit who deserves a severe case of athlete's foot.

• The dorks who leave story comments on newspaper Web sites. Have you read the comments on Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen Web sites lately? Holy crap! Within a few months, readers will be able to comment on stories on our Web site (currently, people can comment only on our blog). I am concerned, but I have high hopes that our readers will prove themselves to be a bit more ... well ... non-insane.

• People who unfairly malign the Best of Tucson™. Last year on our blog, some cretin went off on how the Best of Tucson™ was nothing but an advertising-motivated piece of garbage. That moron was partially right: We do the Best of Tucson™ in large part because it brings in the bacon. The Tucson Weekly is a for-profit business, after all, and I, personally, appreciate getting a paycheck every two weeks. However, while we are a for-profit business, that doesn't mean that we don't act ethically. While advertising pays the bills, it doesn't influence the articles and stories that we do. An advertiser can't buy access to the editorial side of the Weekly. Period.

We also do the Best of Tucson™ because people seem to like it. We print more copies of this issue than we do any other, precisely because more people pick it up. In any case, enjoy Best of Tucson™ 22 and the rest of this week's issue.

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