Offer to the troops

Gosh, I love being a newspaper dude these days.

The letters to the editor keep flowing in. Sure, most of them are angry letters, but I still think they're great. In terms of the war, the anti-war folks are upset at The Weekly because of Emil Franzi's "Give War a Chance" piece from a couple of weeks ago. The pro-war folks are upset at us, well, because of everything else we've written.

But all these letters are dialog and debate, which is fantastic (the hostile and demeaning letters excepted, of course).

In any case, I want to put all this war debate aside for a second and make a serious offer to the community.

We've decided to offer, for free, a mail subscription to The Weekly to any Tucson-area residents in the military who are currently serving in a conflict zone (Iraq/Kuwait, Afghanistan, etc.) for the duration of their service in the conflict. It's a small token to show that no matter what we think of the war, we support our local Tucsonans who find themselves in the middle of it.

Anybody who knows of a friend or family member who would enjoy a subscription should send me the person's domestic military post office address, and we'll start sending them the paper every week. It's that simple. Yeah, the papers will take a while to get there--but it will give them a taste of home.

Send the name and address to me at or P.O. Box 27087, Tucson AZ 85726, and we'll get them on the list.

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