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South Park: Complete Eleventh Season

Show A
Special Features C
DVD Geek Factor 7 (out of 10)

The 11th season of South Park features one of the very best episodes ever produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

"Guitar Queer-O" takes a brutal stab at those who think they've achieved some level of musical aptitude just because they can play Guitar Hero. Episode highlight: A moppy-haired kid presses the plastic keys on one of the toy guitars (which is not hooked up to the game), making a clicking sound. A bystander hears the clicks and proclaims, "I love that song!"

Other episodes include the South Park gang battling head lice, the now-legendary "Imaginationland" episodes and the hilarious "Night of the Living Homeless." Every time a season of South Park is released on DVD, I feel as though my life just took a happy bump.

Special Features: The usual mini-commentaries from Parker and Stone. These discs are always thin on special features. Getting the shows is enough.

Lost Boys: The Tribe

Movie F-
Special Features Who cares!
DVD Geek Factor All those involved can go to hell! (out of 10)

One of the very worst movies I've ever seen.

This sequel to what might be director Joel Schumacher's best film (he had no involvement with this direct-to-DVD mess) is a tremendous disappointment. It's extremely clear that Warner Bros. couldn't give a damn about it. They just wanted to put the words "Lost Boys" on a DVD cover and have fans of the first film eat it up.

Two siblings move to a surfer town and battle metrosexual vampires led by none other than Angus Sutherland, half-brother of Kiefer Sutherland, star of the first film. Unimpressive gore and makeup effects ensue, as does absolutely atrocious acting.

Corey Feldman returns as Edgar Frog, vampire hunter and Rambo impersonator. I thought it would be fun to see Feldman back, and I no longer trust my own thoughts. He croaks like a weary Sylvester Stallone, and overdoes every one of his moments onscreen. Corey Haim makes a brief return as Sam Emerson, protagonist of the first film. Don't blink, because his appearance is during the credits. Let's just say Sam has undergone some changes, which means we might actually get a third Lost Boys, which means future pain is possible.

Special Features: They include some extra footage of Feldman delivering vampire-killer tips, and a couple of alternate scenes that suggest a whole other character direction for Haim's Sam. All of this is a waste of your precious time.

Top Gun (Blu-Ray)

Movie B-
Special Features B
DVD Geek Factor 6 (out of 10)

This is the first time I've watched this since seeing it in theaters when I was a kid. While I've never been a big fan of the film, it was fun to revisit it. Its transfer to Blu-Ray is a mighty pretty thing.

It's the film that solidified Tom Cruise as a huge star, playing gutsy fighter pilot Maverick. It came after the supreme failure of Legend and preceded the torture that was Cocktail. It also co-starred Val Kilmer, Tim Robbins and Anthony Edwards with hair. It's a silly movie, but some of the flight sequences are fun to watch.

The film is also available as part of the standard DVD series "I Love the '80's," which includes the likes of Footloose and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It's definitely '80s cheesy filmmaking, but it's cheese that has aged fairly well.

Special Features: A good documentary on the film featuring a Cruise interview, as well as commentary from director Tony Scott.

Kenny Vs. Spenny: Volume One Uncensored

Show B-
Special Features B-
DVD Geek Factor 5.75 (out of 10)

If you are a Jackass fan, this one is right up your alley. But you'd better watch out, because one of the guys on this show vomits more than Steve-O.

This is a little tough to watch at times. Two annoying best friends and roommates challenge themselves to something new each week, with the loser having to endure some sort of humiliation as punishment. Those humiliations involve stuff like making out with old ladies and licking porn-store doorknobs.

The first episode is a boner contest, where the two see who can go the longest without an erection. The next episode is a fart contest; I honestly haven't heard this many farts, ever, in my life. In fact, Kenny intentionally blows air up his ass with a tube to make his farts more sonically charged. It's horrible and revolting, yet I couldn't stop laughing. The loser had to endure the Canadian fart champion farting into his face for an extended period of time.

While the stars and producers want viewers to think this is all natural and unscripted, much of it feels like it was staged. It's still fun to watch, but I advise taking it in small doses.

Special Features: They include an audio commentary, deleted scenes and a bonus episode during which the two see who can commit the most crimes.

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