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Pink Floyd: Pulse

Show B-
Special Features B+
DVD Geek Factor 8 (for Gilmour fans), 5 (for Waters fans) (out of 10)

Say what you want about Pink Floyd after Roger Waters left. While albums like A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell weren't very good (actually, they were quite bad), the three remaining members of Floyd managed to put on a good show, and this long-delayed DVD manages to capture that fact nicely.

The band's fans are split into three factions: those who believe the true heart of Floyd disappeared when Waters left (I count myself as a member of this faction), those who think David Gilmour was the true driving force (yeah, right) and those who think Gilmour and Waters both suck, and the band went to shit when Syd Barrett left. (In a bizarre coincidence, Barrett, who left the band way back in '68, died July 7, just a few days before this DVD was released. R.I.P., Syd.)

The selection of music for this concert taped in 1994 at London's Earls Court takes plenty from the sub-par, post-Waters albums. There's also a full presentation of Dark Side of the Moon, and plenty of classics to please the die-hards. Nice renditions of "Comfortably Numb" and "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" balance out the pain of dreck like "Sorrow" and "Keep Talking."

The concert footage has been cleaned up and restored, and the audio/visual presentation is crisp and clear. Floyd certainly didn't skimp on the presentation, treating audiences to films, laser lights and the requisite swaying backup singers. Gilmour displayed a good voice, and his guitar playing is always beautiful.

Special Features: Bootlegging the Bootleggers features some performances allegedly taped by audience members, and while the camera work is a little sloppy, the audio is good. Music videos, the actual screen films from the concerts and a performance of "Wish You Were Here" with Billy Corgan are all worth checking out.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.: The Complete Series

Warner Brothers
Show B+
Special Features A
DVD Geek Factor 7.5 (out of 10)

A major network actually got behind B-movie god Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead films) by casting him in this short-lived, wacky series. Part Western, part comedy and part sci-fi, the series stars Campbell playing the title character, a crusty cowboy battling bad guys and dealing with the occasional sci-fi gizmo.

The likes of Billy Drago and M.C. Gainey showed up as bad guys, and R. Lee Ermey shows up in the pilot as Brisco County Sr. One of the show's best gimmicks was the city of Hard Rock, where inventions like the drive-thru window and sunglasses were constantly popping up. That town featured Sheriff Aaron Viva, who was doing Elvis well before his time.

While it was a Western, the show had a nice Indiana Jones vibe (one of the writers actually wrote for that franchise), and it was too unique for its own good. The critical darling got shut down after only one season. Fortunately for us, that one season was loaded with 27 episodes, so that makes for plenty of viewing. Watching it now, you realize what a shame it was that the network pulled the plug. It was an interesting, creative venture.

Special Features: While the show was cool, the real reason to get this DVD collection would be the features, chock full of interviews and supplements with Campbell. There's a healthy sized booklet featuring an episode guide written by none other than Campbell himself. He also participates in a commentary with writer Carlton Cuse and The History of Brisco County, a documentary. The documentary appears on the last DVD of this eight-disc set, which also features A Reading From the Book of Bruce, where Campbell reads aloud from his book If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B-Movie Actor. He reveals that one of the reasons he got the gig was because he performed his infamous head-over-heels flip at auditions (you can see it in Evil Dead 2, when he wrestles with his demon hand). Campbell also reads from Brisco's Book of Coming Things, a video catalog of all the nifty inventions and future concepts (motorcycles, sushi and zeppelins) that appeared in the show. To sum up: This collection is a must for Campbell fans. If you hate the guy, there's always the latest season release of Three's Company.

Eight Below

Movie C
Special Features B-
DVD Geek Factor 4 (out of 10)

A bunch of dogs act circles around Paul Walker in this uneven movie where canines far outshine their human counterparts. When a bad-ass storm hits an Antarctic outpost well before storm season, the humans bug out and leave their dogs to fend for themselves. When the flick is spending time with the pooches, it shines. These dogs are among the most beautiful ever put to film. When it deals with Walker's character trying to get back to the dogs and rescue them, it's a tremendous bore. It's no help that Jason Biggs is Walker's sidekick during this portion of the film--not a virtue for any movie.

Special Features: There are some deleted scenes, a couple of commentaries (one featuring Walker) and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

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