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Amy Silverman is both an outstanding reporter and an outstanding mom—and she puts both those skills to work in our cover story this week. Amy, who had a long run as an investigative reporter and editor up the road at Phoenix New Times, looks at the history of the Arizona Children's Colony, a home founded in the 1950s in Coolidge as a place for people with intellectual disabilities. Amy, who has written about being a parent to a child with Down syndrome in her book, My Heart Can't Even Believe It, looks at how we as a society are moving away from places such as the Arizona Children's Colony—but as recent headlines about sexual assault in long-term care facilities demonstrate, we may not be finding better solutions.

Elsewhere in this week's issue: Staff reporter Kathleen Kunz looks at how a UA professor of anesthesiology is facing calls for his dismissal after old anti-gay statements in a letter to a newspaper surfaced; columnist Tom Danehy says you don't need to be crazy to be a mass shooter; arts writer Margaret Regan previews that great Glow party coming up in Oracle; movie critic Bob Grimm is disappointed in the concluding chapter of that It flick; Chow writer Mark Whittaker shares the news of some misfortune for midtown restaurateur John Martinez of Tito & Pep; and there's lots more, so get your hands dirty and read all about it.

See you at Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul concert at the Rialto Sunday night!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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