Not New, but Improved

In this week's issue of The Weekly, we're rolling out several changes to the paper we hope you'll like.

They are:

· A new feature called Tucson Q&A, or TQ&A for short, to our Currents section. It will be a weekly interview with an interesting (we hope) person from the community. This week, we chatted with Roberto de Roock, the spokesperson for the Student Task Force for Democracy, a group of UA students who aren't too thrilled with the way things are going at our local university.

· We've revamped our two-page City Week spread. First of all, we deleted the days of the week, because sometimes Joan Schuman, our fine City Week editor, was stretching to come up with compelling items for certain days of the week--say, Tuesday, for example. Also, we deleted Cheap Thrills--the subjective nature of what defines "cheap" and "thrills" was just too much--and replaced it with Pick, a weekly interview with someone involved in an upcoming cool event. I think you'll enjoy it.

· Another new occasional feature, Noshing Around, debuts this week. By Karyn Zoldan, it features restaurant news and goings-on.

· We've made some minor layout changes. This includes breaking what we used to call Currents into two sections: Opinion (for columns, letters, etc.) and Currents (for news and features). We've also broken up the two-page Arts spread to give us more flexibility, designed some new information boxes and made a few other tweaks.

We hope you enjoy the changes.

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