Not a Slow News Week

Lots of good stuff in this week's issue. Like:

• Proposition 100 coverage. Jim Nintzel lays out the reasons why you need to vote for Prop 100 in The Skinny. On that very same page, Dave Devine explains how state budget cuts have already annihilated services for the mentally ill—and shows how the situation will get even worse if Prop 100 is rejected.

Folks, the Tucson Weekly strongly encourages you to go to the polls on Tuesday, May 18, and vote yes on Prop 100. Invest in our state!

SB 1070 coverage. Mari Herreras writes about how students at Arizona's three universities are banding together to fight the horrible new immigration law—and points out that UA President Robert Shelton has declined to strongly speak out against SB 1070, whereas Arizona State University President Michael Crow immediately and forcefully expressed his disapproval.

Also, in both The Skinny and Soundbites, we explain how boycotts of the state are already leading to cancellations of conventions and concerts.

• Local media coverage. John Schuster takes another look at the Arizona Daily Star's big mistake regarding the Robert Krentz murder, and shows how that mistake continues to have reverberations among Tucsonans. And next door, former Tucson Citizen staffer Renée Schafer Horton marks the one-year anniversary of the newspaper's demise by checking in with her former co-workers and finding out what they're doing these days. Here's a hint: Very few are full-time journalists today.

Read it all; think about it all; discuss it all amongst yourselves and at

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