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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Besides that it is a holiday centered on food, and drink (oh yeah, and family), there is a certain level of purity to it.

The fact that you do not have to buy presents, decorate (at least, not all that much), send out cards and all the commercialized traits of the other holidays sets it apart. It leaves the over-consuming strictly to the food, drink and company of (hopefully) loved ones. It can be argued that Thanksgiving is the last holiday truly left for what it was meant for, (Native American genocide notwithstanding)—that is to reflect and give appreciation for what the year has brought us. So do not forget those who do not have as much as you do to be thankful for. I always try to do a little more than the norm this time of year when it comes to the hungry or the homeless. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, make a donation to the Community Food Bank, or other charity, or just forgo that extra turkey sandwich, and bring someone a plate, and encourage others to do the same.

With that said, I wanted to carve out a little paragraph of my own to express some gratitude. What I am most thankful for every single year, is my family; immediate, extended and pseudo. Without them, I very well would be one of those less fortunate mentioned above.

I am thankful for Tucson's ever-thriving food and cocktail scene, and for the fact I was given an opportunity to cover what I love so much.

I am thankful for Dan Gibson (good luck with your future endeavors, Capo!) and the Tucson Weekly, for that opportunity.

I am thankful for all the restaurant owners, chefs, and their staffs who are so willing to discuss their passion projects and keep bringing Tucson fresh concepts, events, and all that wonderful food and drink.

All of the public relations people behind the scenes of your favorite eateries, who keep the game fun and exciting and get the information out there. I am thankful for all my fellow foodies and food writers/bloggers/radio personalities, for sharing insight with one another, rather than being competitive.

I am also, thankful for you, the readers of this publication, whether it be in print or online, for giving us writers an audience. Now that I feel like Sally Field giving an Oscar acceptance speech, I will end it with a simple, "Thank you."

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