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Thunder Canyon's Downtown Location

I stopped in at the space at 220 E. Broadway Blvd. to see what was going on. There was a gaggle of people filling out applications as crews were working to finish up construction. The Thunder Canyon Brewery folks had a big space heater going to beat the chill—because the electricity was just turned on that morning. The bar itself is made from reclaimed wood, and behind it sits 40 beer taps. Our discussion, of course, turned to beer, and they plan on having dedicated taps for not only certain breweries, but for specific styles. Thunder Canyon is shooting for a Jan. 8 soft opening. They will be bringing kegs in at first, but there are plans for a full brewery at the location to be up and running within about a year.

17th Street Market Getting Smaller

The 17th Street Market (840 E. 17th St.) has pared its stock down to about one third of what it used to be. Is this a sign that the business is teetering? When I called, a representative informed me that the market has indeed cut down the items to what sells, and that business isn't what it used to be, but they are doing their best to stay afloat. It was bad enough when they removed the fresh fish. It pains me that a local market is struggling so heavily.

Create Café and Catering Is Changing

Create Café and Catering is changing: The "Café" portion at 4660 E. Camp Lowell Drive is now closed. The "Catering" part is going to be expanding, adding the ability for large cakes. The catering operation will move to a new space; meanwhile, a new concept, with a new owner, will supposedly be moving in to the vacated Camp Lowell location sometime early next year. We will keep our eyes open.

World Wide Wrappers Has Breakfast, Too

Breakfast is popping up all over Fourth Avenue! World Wide Wrappers at 500 N. Fourth Ave. is now offering breakfast wraps to go, along with the smoothie and juice menu. Seems like nice choice if you are downtown and need something on the go. Doors open at 7 a.m.;

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