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More Beer

Hey, brewski fans: More suds are on the way. We mentioned earlier that Borderlands Brewing, 119 E. Toole Ave., is temporarily closed while more equipment is installed to increase volume—but the expansion is taking a bit longer than planned, and the owners are now shooting for a reopening around New Year's. Dragoon Brewing Co., 1859 W. Grant Road, No. 111, also is getting an upgrade. New tanks on order are supposed to boost production by 40 percent;

Tucson Originals Loses Two, Gains Two

Acacia Real Food and Cocktails, and Feast are saying goodbye to the Tucson Originals restaurant group. Both cited the Originals' loyalty-card program as a major factor in their decision. With recent new additions Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery/Bistro and Tanque Verde Ranch, the Originals' roster remains at 47 restaurants.

Lessons to be Learned

The new Garden Kitchen, housed in a former Mexican restaurant at 2205 S. Fourth Ave., shows promise as a teaching tool. It's an educational center for what the owners call "seed-to-table" dining, or as I like to refer to it, "Where did my food come from besides the frozen section or the drive-through?" Its Facebook page says: "The Garden Kitchen offers seed-to-table, gardening and cooking education, empowering families with the skills and knowledge to make nutritious meals on any budget." A slew of organizations are involved, including the UA Cooperative Extension, which will supervise the gardening. Find the Garden Kitchen on Facebook, or call 626-5161.

The New Kid on the Block

You may have noticed that veteran Noshing correspondent and all-around good guy Adam Borowitz is no longer listed at the top of this column. So you may be thinking, "Who is this new clown, and what does he know about food?" Well, I make food for a living and have had the pleasure of working with some great chefs. I've also spent time working with/for the folks at Native Seeds/SEARCH, so local foods have a warm place in my heart. (Mesquite cookies, anyone?) Also, "fermentation" is my middle name. OK, not really, but that's how I feel: I brew beer and mead; I make cheese; and I've just started my first batch of miso. Thanks for taking the time to read my inaugural column. Hopefully, I'll grow on you.

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