Noshing Around

Sushi and Frozen Yogurt

We love the concept behind the new sushi restaurant under construction in half of the space at 914 E. Speedway Blvd., where Pizza Plus #1 used to be. How Do You Roll?, a chain eatery with locations in Texas and Florida, lets you pick ingredients from a large selection of meat and veggies, and employees roll up your choices in either a seaweed or soy wrap. There's also a selection of sides, salads, soups and toppings to choose from. Head over to for a closer look.

In the other half of the building, new frozen-yogurt joint Josie's Yogurt is setting up shop. The scoop on this place, which is the first Tucson location of the chain, is self-serve frozen yogurt that's supposed to be easier on the waistline because of a special sweetener that reduces the calories. The menu has more rotating flavors than we can list, including sugar-free and extra-creamy varieties. Check it out at

Classic Cocktails

Aaron DeFeo, property mixologist for Casino del Sol, 5655 W. Valencia Road, is busting out his bar tools for a new series of cocktail classes. The first one, on Saturday, Feb. 18, covers excellent classic cocktails with homemade ingredients. To do it right, you have to shake a jigger high in the air with utmost confidence, a technique DeFeo will walk you through while explaining the history of each drink. If you like the class—which costs $25 and includes a free bar tool—stay tuned for others in the coming months. Email to save your spot.

New: China Pasta House

If you're tired of the same old Chinese food, check out the new China Pasta House at 430 N. Park Ave. It's run by a family from Dandong, in northeast China, and specializes in the dumplings, noodles and soups of that region. Sources tell us the food is some of the best Asian fare they've had in years. The restaurant's website,, tells us the food is all-natural and MSG-free. Hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday; and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. Call 623-3334 for more information.

Closed: Tako Burger

The small but awesome restaurant Tako Burger, at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 35th Street, has closed.

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